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At Strachan Law we focus our practice on helping small businesses with their contracts.
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Contract Forms

At Strachan Law, we craft contract forms tailored to your commercial business needs. Our expertise lies in developing contracts that evolve with your business, ensuring you're not trapped by outdated, high-risk forms. Trust us to refine and modernize your contract forms for optimal business protection and growth.

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Contract Review

Strachan Law's contract review process is both thorough and strategic. We prioritize three key objectives: identifying potential risks, safeguarding your interests, and strengthening your organization's position. Each contract is meticulously scrutinized to achieve these goals, offering you assurance and peace of mind.

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Contract Negotiations

Effective negotiations are crucial for your business, and Strachan Law excels in this domain. We bring 20+ years of experience to the table, ensuring quick, favorable deal closures with minimal risk. Our commitment is to your organizational success, leveraging our expertise to negotiate terms that align with your business goals.

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Contract Enforcement

Enforcing contracts is vital for business success. Strachan Law can assist you to obtain timely compliance with agreements, proactively tackling late payments and delivery delays. Our expertise in upholding contractual obligations aids in managing customer and vendor relations efficiently. Contact us to learn more.

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With our 20+ years of contract-focused experience, Strachan Law can help you grow your business and proactively manage your risk. We know contracts, and we are here to help.
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